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Canapé PARIS 290

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A - Total Height (cm) 95
B - Total Depth (cm) 100
C - Total Width (cm) 290
D - Armrest Height (cm) 70
E - Seat Height (cm) 46
F - Seat Depth (cm) 58/74(up to the back)
G - Armrest Width (cm) 15
Leg height (cm) 15
A - Total Height (inches) 37,42
B - Total Depth (inches) 39,38
C - Total Width (inches) 114,17
D - Armrest Height (inches) 27,56
E - Seat Height (inches) 18,11
F - Seat Depth (inches) 22.83/29.13(up to the back)
G - Armrest Width (inches) 5,96
Leg height (inches) 5,96
Description The full cushions of both the back and seating part of our Paris sofa contribute to its perfect amount of comfort. The minimalist black metal legs give an absolute modern vibe to your living room.
Usage Situation Indoor
Extra Information pillow with silicone balls
Frame Material Beech Wood; Chipboard
Leg type Metal
Fabric composition fabric: 97% polyester, 3% nylon
Springs/Belts wavy spring
Sew type S3 sewing
Seat filling Foam T28/30, thickness 10cm
Back filling granulate; silicone ball
Packaging Quantity 1
Packaging Info foil & carton packed
Packaging Length (cm) 105
Packaging Width (cm) 295
Packaging Height (cm) 100
Packaging Length (inches) 41,34
Packaging Width (inches) 116,14
Packaging Height (inches) 39,37
Volume (m3) 3,09
Weight (kgs) 80