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Fauteuil FINLEY

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A - Total Height (cm) 80(lounge) & 43(footrest)
B - Total Depth (cm) 78(lounge) & 41(footrest)
C - Total Width (cm) 72(lounge) & 54(footrest)
D - Armrest Height (cm) 54
E - Seat Height (cm) 42,5
F - Seat Depth (cm) 50
G - Armrest Width (cm) 7,2
Leg height (cm) 11
A - Total Height (inches) 31,50(lounge) & 16,93(footrest)
B - Total Depth (inches) 30,71(lounge) & 16,14(footrest)
C - Total Width (inches) 28,35(lounge) & 21,26(footrest)
D - Armrest Height (inches) 21,26
E - Seat Height (inches) 16,73
F - Seat Depth (inches) 19,69
G - Armrest Width (inches) 2,83
Leg height (inches) 4,34
Description The Finley lounge chair radiates luxury and refinement and is specifically designed for relaxation. With a minimalist design and additional ottoman chair, Finley is the solution for those who are looking for a combination of comfort and aesthetics. The perfect addition to any room you want to turn into a place to relax and unwind.
Usage Situation Indoor
Frame Material Metal frame and black aluminium base
Fabric composition fabric: 39%viscose, 21%acryl, 17%wool, 13%cotton,10%linen
Springs/Belts Springs
Sew type Single Sewing
Seat filling Soft Sponge
Back filling Soft Sponge
Care Maintenance soft cloth cleaning
Packaging Quantity 1
Packaging Info 2 cartons
Packaging Length (cm) 77(lounge) & 56(footrest)
Packaging Width (cm) 75(lounge) & 45(footrest)
Packaging Height (cm) 91(lounge) & 58(footrest)
Packaging Length (inches) 30.31(lounge) & 22.04(footrest)
Packaging Width (inches) 29.5(lounge) & 17.71(footrest)
Packaging Height (inches) 35.82(lounge) & 22.83(footrest)
Volume (m3) 0,69
Weight (kgs) 27